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Companies above a certain size have to undergo a statutory audit by law. – there’s no avoiding it. Other businesses see the value in one and contemplate getting a voluntary audit. But either way, audits can be disruptive and stressful. They can even be frustrating if the auditor is not being clear about what they’re doing and why.

Our audits are carefully planned to minimise disruption and stress by providing the necessary rigour, all the while being as discreet as possible. We’re transparent about the work we do to give you the assurance that the audit is there to increase your business’s value. We do that by evaluating your systems and operations to find ways to highlight problems and improve your business.

Our mission as auditors is to ensure your accounts provide a true and fair view of the financial performance of your business. As such, objectivity is very important to us, as that is the only way we can provide valuable advice in our audit report. Not only will you benefit from our insight, but your investors and lenders will be reassured by your diligence.

All sorts of organisations have to go through an audit by law, including larger businesses and charities. We’re as experienced with these kinds of audits as we are with the voluntary examinations a lot of small organisations choose to do.

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