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If you run a limited company, you’ll know how running one comes with its fair share of paperwork, including registration, returns, records and more. It’s easy to get snowed under everything that Companies House requires you to do without fault. It’s not uncommon for some items to even be forgotten.

The law used to require companies to designate a company secretary to handle this type of work. You only need one now if your articles of association insist on having one. If you don’t have one, however, you’re needlessly struggling, but not everyone has the luxury, money or space to hire one in-house.

With our company secretarial service, you can save money and space while benefiting from what a secretary would do for your business. We’ll handle all the tasks a company secretary would typically do, including everything from recording company meetings to completing returns for Companies House and maintaining your statutory books. We work with accuracy, timeliness and organisation – crucial skills for a company secretary to be successful.

We’ll also take charge of your company communication as your secretary, arranging meetings of the directors and shareholders for you, and keeping the minutes of these minutes, We’ll also stay in contact with Companies House for you, informing them of changes to your company’s structure or management, and ensure the security of your legal documents.

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