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As an employer, one of your many jobs is to ensure your staff’s pay is delivered correctly, on time, and reported to HMRC in the right way. Payroll can be a monotonous task and sometimes easy to get wrong, but it is incredibly important to your business and employees.

We’re here to help you by taking the weight of this process off of your shoulders and tailoring it to your business’s needs. We’ll make sure your payroll is done in a timely manner, and that calculations, payslips and queries from either your staff or HMRC are dealt with.

In most cases, your staff will be on a pay-as-you-earn basis, meaning tax will be deducted during payroll. National Insurance contributions need to be kept on top of, as you will need to pay these on their earnings once they reach the threshold.

There are many calculations that need to be carried out for payroll depending on the staff member. With different hourly rates or salaries, deductions due to benefits or student loans and even maternity and paternity pay, we’ll make sure they’re all taken into account so nothing gets missed.

If you employ an apprentice, you will have to pay an apprenticeship levy if you have an annual pay bill of £3 million. This would amount to 0.5% of the annual bill. We can also help you with this.

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