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A limited company must submit a corporation tax return every year, even when there is no profit and there is no tax to pay. They’re complicated and difficult to get right, especially if you want to pay the right amount and avoid getting a penalty. But they are also your opportunity to do some corporate tax planning so you can only pay the tax that you need to. 

As specialist tax accountants for companies, with experience preparing tax returns for countless organisations we’ll be perfect for you. There are a number of tax reliefs and credits that you can use to reduce your profit before it is taxed, which means your tax bill is lower than it would have been. Such reliefs include R&D tax credits and reliefs for creative industries. You can also offset your business expenses against your profit, again to reduce your tax bill.

There are a lot of types of relief out there that will benefit certain companies more than others. That’s why, as part of our corporate tax planning service, we work to get to know you, your company and your company’s goals. That way, we can provide you with the best, targeted support possible to save you money that you could reinvest into the business.

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